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Teraflex Heavy Duty Ball Joint Set without Knurling (3442002)

SKU 3442002

TeraFlex HD ball joints are engineered to handle the increased load caused by oversized tires and offset wheels. The upper ball joint incorporates hard sintered wear bushings to handle extreme side load demands with out failure and includes an easy top access grease port for simple maintenance. The lower ball joint features adjustable preload when assembled as well as future adjustments. The advanced grease system allows grease servicing to be performed without axle shaft removal, even with larger RCV shafts. Dual machined grease passages in the lower joint housing assembly provides lubrication access without affecting the ball joint load surface. The lower ball joint also eliminates the nylon ball socket wear sleeve that is prone to failure.

Upper Ball Joint Features

  • Extremely hard sintered wear bushings to handle extreme side load demands without failure
  • Magnesium Phosphate coating to inhibit corrosion throughout
  • Heat treated 4140 chromoly ball/stud & 1045 carbon steel housing
  • Factory style serrated flange nut & grease fitting
  • Without knurls

Lower Ball Joint Features

  • Hard alloy tool steel slotted wear plate for ball / stud to socket wear protection
  • Wear plate features grease channels for increased flow through entire joint ensuring longevity & predictable operation
  • Magnesium Phosphate coating to inhibit corrosion & friction throughout
  • Heat treated 4140 chromoly ball / stud
  • Huge 30mm (1.18”) ball
  • Factory style serrated flanged castle nut
  • Ball joint pre-load adjustability provides the end user w/ near effortless wear adjustment (kid includes Preload Adjustment Tool)
  • Low-profile single lip dust seal eliminates torn conventional dust boot concerns
  • Adjustable ball stud retaining ring for accurate initial & future preload adjustments that can be done w/out any axle disassembly
  • Adjustable preload can be performed with simple hand tools
  • Adjustable end cap with two (2) zerk fittings (“Frog Eye”) allow greasing access from either side w/out axle shaft removal even with larger RCV shafts
  • Dual helical grease grooves machined in the retaining ring allow spent grease to exit through the low-profile seal
  • Low-profile seal prevents contaminants, while allowing spent grease to evacuate from the ball joint
  • Without knurls


  • We recommend ball joints without knurls as they will not score the inner knuckle and open up the bore.
  • We also offer ball joint with knurls for ball joints that have a loose press fit in the inner knuckle due to repeated ball joint replacement or if knurled ball joints have been installed previously.