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Teraflex 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit | Jeep Gladiator JT (1155300)

SKU 1155300

Fixing the factory rake in your Jeep Gladiator JT is easy with the Teraflex 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit. The added clearance will allow for up to 35" tires and compensates for heavier bumpers and a winch. This cost-effective kit keeps the factory springs and shocks so the ride quality will not change.

Note: Aftermarket wheels with less than stock backspacing will require at least 0.5” Rear Bump Stop Strike Pad Extensions to avoid tire rubbing on the inner fender liner at full compression when articulated. Models with plastic bumpers require removal of bumper-to-fender wind deflector/splash guards in order to fit 35” or larger tires.

Tire Fitment: Gladiators equipped with Rubicon fender flares can accommodate up to 35" tires. All other models will have clearance for 33" tires.

  • 1” Lift Front Coil Spacers
  • 0.5” Lift Front Coil Spacers
  • 1” Front Bump Stop Extensions
  • Hardware