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Superchips Flashcal F5 Programmer | Jeep JL (3571-JL)

SKU 3571-JL

Speedometer Correction: Corrects Speedometer for Tire Upgrades- Up to 40"

Plug & Play: Unit Plugs Easily into the Wrangler JL and features a large, simple to read 2.8" screen


Feature Packed: The Flashcal F5 Programmer has many features that make life easier for any Wrangler JL owner that has upgraded the vehicle. Multiple gear ratio adjustments are available to make corrections, DRL on/off features, turn signal calibration for one touch lane changes, and many more features make this the easiest and most proficient programmer on the market!


Key Features:

  • Corrects speedometer for 26-40" tire upgrades
  • Speedometer recalibration for up to 5.38 gear ratio
  • Transfer case gear low: 2.72 - 5.00
  • Sway bar disconnect in 2HI (up to 25 MPH)
  • Daytime running light options
  • One touch lane change on/off
  • TPMS Adjust
  • Fog light dropout on/off
  • Daytime running light dropout on/off
  • Daytime running light location - high beam, low beam, turn signal, fog lights, Eurpean/fender lights, none
  • Auto park on/off (3.6L JL only, uses a feature while device is plugged in)
  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes