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MetalCloak JK Wrangler Sway Bar Quick Disconnect, 14.5"

SKU 7220
The JK Jeep Wrangler Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect (14.5" length), by MetalCloak bolt directly into the factory locations and allow for manual disconnect of the front sway bar.

The JK Sway Bar Quick Disconnect features:
  • Extension Bracket for Easy Access
  • Sway Bar Disconnects
  • Rubber Boot Seal
  • Bar Pin Quick Clips
  • Grade 8 Zinc Plated Bolts
  • Zinc Plated Laser Cut Disconnect Mount Brackets
  • Made in the USA
Disconnecting the sway bar while off-road allows your Jeep to achieve the maximum articulation that your suspension has been designed for. MetalCloak Quick Disconnects are easy to disconnect and then re-connect; unique to the MetalCloak system, is an extension bracket that allows easier access for reaching the attachment point.

These quick release disconnects are bolt on and fit without any cutting required. These front sway bar quick disconnect are designed to work in conjunction with MetalCloak's 5.5" suspension.

Note: For use with JK Wranglers NOT equipped with electronic sway bar disconnects.