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MetalCloak Hi-Steer Kit, JK Wrangler

SKU 7247

The MetalCloak JK Wrangler Hi-Steer kit provides a new drag-link that is placed on top of the steering knuckle and comes with a relocation bracket that raises the track bar to eliminate bump steer in your Jeep JK that is lifted 4.5 inches or more.

The JK Hi-Steer Kit Features:

  • Corrected Steering Geometry
  • 7GA Steel Relocation Bracket
  • Raises Track Bar & Steering Stabilizer
  • 1.375 OD .375" Wall DOM Drag Link
  • Hi-Misalignment 1-Ton Rod Ends
  • Zerk Fitting On Ends For Ease Of Service
  • Sealed With Durable Rubber Grease Boots
  • Design Limits Misalignment To Control Drag Link Flop
  • Clears Aftermarket Diff Covers
  • Gold Zinc Chromate Coating
  • Adjustable On The Vehicle
  • Made in the USA
Corrects steering geometry when lifting your JK to 4.5" or more. MetalCloaks tubular 1.375OD Wall DOM bar is matched with 1 ton, specifically designed, anti-flop ends that maximize performance and durability.

This package comes with a strong 7GA CAD formed and welded trackbar and stabilizer bracket that increases strength and matches the corrected geometry on the flipped drag-link to provide the best steering geometry for your Lifted Jeep.