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MetalCloak Bar Pin Eliminator Kit, JK Upper Rear

SKU 7011
The MetalCloak JK Upper Rear Bar-Pin Eliminator Kit shock mount is designed to eliminate bind and eliminate parts that can loosen/fail or freeze in place over time.

Features Include::
  • Two Bar-Pin Eliminators
  • CAD Designed CNC formed
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Retains Original Mounting Position
  • Side Movement Prevents binding of shafts
  • Allows For 1/2" Of Additional Down Travel
  • Gold Zinc Plate
  • Designed For Use With The MetalCloak 6Pak Shocks.
Only the best mounts should be used for MetalCloak 6Pak shocks, and that is exactly what we have developed. MetallCloak has CNC sculpted these bar pin eliminators to perform and look great. Adds additional down travel and removes the chance of binding your shocks at the mounting location.