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Infotainment OBD Genie Chrysler Dodge Jeep SiriusXM Travel Link Programmer C-STL



This product allows several Chrysler Dodge Jeep owners who are upgrading to the RB5, UAQ, or UAV GPS navigation radio the ability to program their vehicle for SiriusXM Travel Link. Simply turn your vehicle on and plug the Genie programmer into the vehicle's OBDII port under the steering column. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the green light and remove. The programmer will program your vehicle's computer to enable the SiriusXM Travel Link feature on your 8.4-inch radio display just like it would from the factory!


This programmer is designed for all Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / Ram vehicles who are upgrading to an RB5, UAQ, or UAV GPS navigation radio. 

All 2018-2020 model years require C-MODBYP Device


  • SIRIUSXM Weather
    • Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, Cloud Cover details.
    • Precipitation type, chance, and amount.
    • 5-day city forecasts for your location including daily high and low temperatures.
    • Local ski resort conditions.
    • Detailed Weather Maps.
  • SIRIUSXM Fuel Prices (Not currently available in Canada)
    • Detailed fuel price information. Find the lowest price in your area.
    • See fuel types available.
  • SIRIUSXM Sports Scores
    • Game Schedules
    • Play-by-play details
  • SIRIUSXM Movie Listings (Not currently available in Canada)
    • Continually updated, detailed listings of the top 40 movies playing nationwide.
    • Movie descriptions, lengths and ratings.
    • Locations and movie showtime.
  • SIRIUSXM Traffic is a premium data service, providing continuous updates such as, road closures, traffic accidents and road works through a capable navigation system. SIRIUSXM Traffic is available without Travel Link but all vehicles that do come with Traffic Link come with SIRIUSXM Traffic.


  • All 2018-2020 model year vehicles will require C-MODBYP Device which is sold separately.
  • User must have an active SiriusXM subscription along with the additional $6.00 per month upgrade for SiriusXM Travel Link.
  • Vehicles currently equipped with the factory installed RA4 GPS navigation radio will not need this programmer as these vehicles already have the code programmed on the vehicle's computer.
  • FCA considers the SiriusXM Travel Link option code RSM.