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Infotainment 18-20 Wrangler JL Gladiator JT SiriusXM Satellite Radio Antenna



Upgrade to SiriusXM satellite radio easily using either of our two different antenna options:

Soft Mount - Includes the following parts:

  • Aftermarket SiriusXM Antenna - Magnetically installs on the exterior of the Jeep and plugs into the included multiplexer. Receives the SiriusXM satellite radio signal.
  • Aftermarket GPS Antenna - Magnetically installs on the interior of the Jeep under the windshield just beneath the dash top. Plugs into the included multiplexer. The GPS antenna is required to retain the radio's compass feature.
  • Multiplexer - Combines both antennas and plugs into the yellow FAKRA connector on the backside of your factory radio.

Hard Mount - This antenna is a 100% factory Mopar part. It is designed to be installed on your Jeep's roll bar. Drilling is not required as there is a hole in place from the factory for this antenna to easily mount. A screw and a silver clip are included for easy installation. (Some installers have also opted to install this antenna just beneath or on top of the dash panel which actually results in little to no signal interruption)


2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL
2020 Jeep Gladiator


Installation of this product would be rated a 3 out of 5. 1 being extremely easy and 5 being extremely difficult. 

Soft Mount Install - Refer to basic install instructions above within Introduction.

Hard Mount Install - Remove Roll Bar Trim then simply Install the Antenna and route the loom connector to behind the radio cavity.


    • The purpose of the multiplexer on the soft mount option is to utilize the SiriusXM signal and GPS signal into the desired radio. This ensures the compass feature continues to work as designed.
    • The hard mount antenna does not require a multiplexer as this particular antenna has both SiriusXM and GPS antennas built into its housing.
    • If you just want to retain the compass feature and do not require SiriusXM satellite radio simply purchase the GPS Antenna.