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ICON Vehicle Dynamics High-Clearance Steering Stabilizer for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

SKU 22018

Improve the handling and ride in your Jeep Wrangler JK with the ICON Vehicle Dynamics High-Clearance Steering Stabilizer. This heavy-duty through shaft stabilizer features a 100% bolt-on installation. The included tie rod clamp is compatible with factory with factory diameter (1-3/8in) tie rods. Unlike traditional steering stabilizers, the ICON 2.0 Centerline is neutrally charged and will not push or pull your steering. For better off-road performance, this stabilizer sits about the tie rod, keeping it clear of rocks, branches, and off-road hazards.

High-Clearance: For increased off-road ability, ICON's High-Clearance Steering Stabilizer sits above the tie rod. This keeps the shock body clear of any obstacles to avoid damage.

Monotube Design: Instead of utilizing a traditional dual-tube or monotube shock, ICON 2.0 Centerline Steering Stabilizers feature a through shaft construction. Unlike traditional stabilizers, through shaft stabilizers are neutrally charged and do not push or pull steering.

100% Bolt-On Installation: No cutting, drilling, or other modifications are required. The ICON 2.0 Centerline Steering Stabilizer simply bolts into factory bolt holes and clamps around the tie rod.

ICON 2.0 Aluminum Series Shock Specs:

Shock Design: Through Shaft

Oil Type: Premium Grade 5WT

Gas Type: Nitrogen

Shock Body Diameter: 2in

Shock Body Material: Anodized 6063 Aluminum

Shock Component Material: 6061 Aluminum

Bushings: FK Rod End Bearings

Piston Shaft: 5/8in Chrome Plated Hardened Steel

Piston Design: One-Piece Linear/Digressive

Tie Rod Clamp Size: 1-3/8in (Fits Factory Diameter)

  • High Clearance Steering Stabilizer
  • Installation Hardware