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SKU LED-1004

This is the GenRight Off Road 4 light Stealth Side Marker Light Kit. It includes the hard to find super bright amber colored LED's. It can be used as a front blinker & running light.

GenRight has packaged this Stealth L.E.D. kit specifically for use with our tube front fenders (although it will work with other brand tube fenders too).

  • Small lights are super clean on Jeep.
  • (2) Rectangular shaped LED's (for side markers).
  • (2) Round Shaped LED's fit into any 3/4" diameter hole (LED-1010).
  • Super bright AMBER color LED's in each light.
  • Stamped D.O.T. legal.
  • Aluminum bracket is designed to fit on the bottom of a Jeep fender hood latch bolt.
  • Sold as a set (kit).
  • Includes all stainless necessary mounting hardware.
  • 6" long leads.
  • Super low amperage draw. 
  • Basic installation instructions are included.


  • Each LED in this kit are SINGLE function. Meaning the side marker is just a side marker and the blinker is just the blinker (unlike the factory multi function light of the front of the factory Jeep fender of a TJ).
  • Polarity matters on LED bulbs, you must match positive to positive and negative to negative or the LED will not light up.
  • Installing this kit will require cutting and splicing into the factory wiring harness.
  • Installation of this kit onto GenRight Tube fenders does NOT require drilling (we use existing holes).
  • A modified flasher unit or “electronic” flasher will be required to make LED lights flash.
  • Dimensions of the rectangular LED side marker light are: 2-5/8" total length x 3/4" wide. Bolt hole center is 2" and fits 1/8" diameter bolts.