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DV8 Off-Road FS-13 Hammer Forged Front Bumper (FBSHTB-13)


Hammer Forged front bumpers have heavily reinforced winch plates, great approach angles, and are made of thick, high tensile strength steel. The steel thickness of each part of the bumper was chosen to keep strength up and weight down, certain parts of the bumpers are made of 1/4" steel while others are made of 3/16" steel depending on the amount of abuse that each part is likely to take. The result is a lighter, stronger bumper that is ready to take on the toughest challenges that you will throw at your Jeep. 

FS-13 Highlights:

  • Fog light holes for factory or aftermarket fogs
  • D-Rings included
  • Winch plate
  • Gusseted Stinger
  • .170 Wall Stinger
  • Grill Protection
  • Highest Profile Bumper in the Hammer Forged Line

(Patent Pending)

Note: Some modification may be needed to install on a JEEP JL.