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Diablosport Modified PCM & i3 Performance Tuner Combo | 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL (PKITJL363019-I3)


PCM Modification: Swapping PCM Modules is quick and easy, typically only taking 20-30 minutes using common hand tools. Once you have replaced the factory PCM, you can install a tune with your DiabloSport tuner of choice and you’re ready to go. If at any time you need to go to the dealership for service, re-install your original PCM and the dealer will not be able to tell that any modifications to your vehicle computer are present.

i3 Tuner multi-vehicle Licenses: i3 can tune your whole driveway! With the i3’s additional vehicle license options, you can tune multiple vehicles with one device. If your i3 is currently tuned into your Jeep JL, but you also want to tune your Jeep Grand Cherokee, upgrade your i3 with an additional license through Diablosport's Ignition Update Software and you can be tuning both vehicles in no time. The additional i3 licenses can program any make or model that the i3 supports so you can tune basically anything.

i3 Tuner Features: Tuner is equipped with a new “Easy Tune” Mode for Simple Installation. The i3 also features Blazing Fast Vehicle Read/Write Times.

Connectivity: The i3 enables you to connect to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operation sytems. OBD-II Data Logging and Read and Clear DTC are also included to make this unit deliver some of the best tuning right out of the box.