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Black Rhino Grimlock Wheel | Jeep Wrangler JL, JK & Gladiator JT

SKU 2015GRM-45127B71

Modern Design: The Black Rhino Grimlock Wheel features a windowed 8-spoke face with a star-shaped center section.

Heavy-Duty Construction: With a 2450lb load rating, the Grimlock Wheel can handle any off-road abuse your Jeep can dish out. The Grimlock Wheel features a 71.6mm hub bore diameter.

Metallic Black Finish: Black Rhino coats their Grimlock wheels in their exclusive Metallic Black finish.

Rotary Forged: By using TSW's proprietary rotary forging process, Grimlock Wheels are both stronger and lighter weight than similar sized cast wheels.

Note: Wheels are not returnable after tires have been mounted.